06 October 2014

new{s} & paintings & a video

i am sorry for the silence, but...
i have been so busy in the studio
and around the house,
sometimes writing about it all can be daunting,
so, perhaps this time i will just catch up
with many pictures
and fewer words.
guadalupe in a round vintage frame

lots of painting on rocks...fun ☺
these pebbles will be party favors for the guests
of our little gathering
the little gathering is turning in to more of an occasion!
i don't have many friends, but deb has...
it will be {hopefully} like an art gallery showing.
here is a 'found' bench i re-did...
and then pooh added fur and a few claw marks
finally traded in our 1950 range 
just a wee range, half the size of the old one...
and we found that cupboard beside at the antique shop

there is so much about the kitchen that isn't priti,
but that's ok...always save some work for tomorrow ☺
there is priti studio...looking like a bomb went off,
that would never do...
i have guests to impress!
can you believe it??? I had to make it b&w
so it wouldn't be too over-stimulating for you.
if you are clicking on the pictures {and i hope you are}
this would make the perfect game...
find 60 paintbrushes
1 wine glass
7 prayer candles
2 sweaters...etc 
oh! and you can't see it. but there was a lightbulb that needed changing.
when i went in the closet for the step-ladder
{see, i am organized, lol}
anyway in the closet is also where i keep the paintings
that have made me mad.
so. naturally i saw them in there
and decided it was much more important to finish them
than it was to clean the studio
{i did change the bulb though}
all she needed was to change the background,
paint the frame...
and surround her with a poem/prayer
this one needed everything, but now she is full of meaning
and i love her ♥

and finally
my masterpiece of the group...
this painting was incredibly frustrating for me,
but i took pictures along the way
and made a video.
the miraculous mother
the video is about 3 minutes long,
i hope you like it...
i have more to share, but anymore today would just be ridiculous!
Love, Lisa


  1. omgosh, I love it all. hmmm. seems forever since I've been here, or I didn't comment. At least I can read and type without getting dizzy.
    I'm going to browse now.

  2. I found the wine and our lady of the red robe. :-) Everything looks wonderful Lisa. Miraculous Mother IS a masterpiece.
    Your home seems so inviting. Enjoy your guests. They will be impressed.

  3. So lovely that I come out of my normal state of lurk to tell you .... I really enjoy your progress videos which must be quite challenging to make!

  4. Wow!!! So inspiring!! I need some of your inspiration and energy!!!! Well done and I am sure your guests will be very enthusiastic!!!! No eye can be blind to such beauty!

  5. I always miss you when you go silent but know eventually I will be rewarded with pictures of all the wonderful things you created while you were not blogging. It is worth the wait!


  6. Welllllll, I was here waaaaay early this morning but Google swallowed my comment again, so...just so you know - here I am again. Loving every bit of your beautiful art. I think you must be especially happy right now because your spirit is shining through your work and infuses itself into the viewer. Makes me wanna hug your paintings. That little cabinet in the kitchen seems just the right size for a Mary. Awesome, fabulous work Lisa. I think you are on the verge of famous.

  7. You are amazing, Lisa. What a delightful and grace-full home you have created for your beautiful Spirit. I love to know that this is where, and how you are living your life.
    This video is incredible too. So many transitions and different energies ebbing and flowing in this piece. You can feel the reverence and grace you created with in each detail.
    Love and light to you, Glorious Artist Woman,

  8. thank you for taking the time to share with us. painting takes time, i know so i also post a sort of summary of the week. i adore the last painting of the madonna and child. beautiful. and all those rocks. sending love.


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