18 November 2014


differentiality...it's not a real word, but it should be..
a word about
differences and alikeness-es too.
  this is a conversation i would have had with my dad. 
he would have known what i meant.  i always had questions for him and he always acted as if i were brilliant for thinking of the question. 
 always, he would consider and always say,
"you have to find the pattern"

so true, isn't it?

when mia was about 3yrs, she said one day,
"mama! life is just a bunch of patterns! right?"
YES! yes, it is!
and to find a pattern you look for the difference in the sameness...you follow?
i am going off the track.
on with the pictures! {maybe then i'll make sense}
first...the november sky...

see differences? likenesses?
see the moon rising in the evening?
she was over my shoulder in the morning
how about my 2 paintings of sisters
do you see differences? 
or similarities?
 how about when they are separated?

my mom told me nothing is ever the same again~ever.
it just can't be. and it shouldn't be.
and she's right, isn't she?
because everything is fluid...maybe that's part of it...

*another tangent*

i remember watching a news program with dad
{it must have been 60 minutes}
in that show, there was a segment where they showed a face
and then a picture of the face transposed
as if it were 2 left sides or 2 rights.
this has stuck with me for over 30 years. no one remembers it.
wish dad was here to tell me it was true.
but then maybe i made it up...who knows.
i tried it on my own face.
i could not pick the real me out of a crowd,,,
but it was fun to learn my face 
is pretty symmetrical

what do you think?

interesting to think about.
 and the results would be different every time
(if you would believe my mom)
and the patterns would solve the puzzle
(if you would listen to my dad)

in the above picture i was conscience of keeping my head straight
(like a mug shot)
when i tried before...

i tilted my head
like i am apt to do

and here is what that looked like

my point is:
i am a listener, a learner and a thinker,
and for that, i have my parents both to thank.
they really were(and are) the best parents
a person like me
could have ever been matched up with.
(i know dad, i am ending the sentence with a preposition)
let me try again...
my parents and i were (and are still) a match made in heaven.

stay. fluid.
and love.


  1. Much to ponder here. I think it was in a high school art class (back in the stone age) where I learned about the difference in sides on one face. We used to cut a magazine picture of a face more or less in half, glue down one half and draw the other half. It is a fun learning process and I still do it once in awhile.


  2. How interesting this post was. I need to try this. Thanks for the lesson.

  3. oh... i love this post...

    yours in superfluidity,


  4. Love your imagination, and love that you share convos with your dad even though he has left this physical world.
    I think you are beautiful, left, right, and center.
    Thanks for sharing bits of you!
    Love and light, Priti One!

  5. Patterns completely. Even breaks down to fractals. Love the patterns and texture in your paintings. Your face is Pretty Priti no matter which way you look at it. Well except for the last few! HBC XXX

  6. Your parents were (are) amazing! Just one reason you turned out so amazing. :-) I love my parents, but I can't imagine either one saying things like that to me. Maybe I'm just not remembering certain things... I love this blog post, lots of food for thought. You have a wonderful, symmetrical face! I'm betting that is rather unusual...

  7. Such deep thoughts, and I remember that 60 minutes segment too... I am sure every artist alive who watched it remembers it, because we are just so visual, great experiment and you are a beauty no matter what... love your sisters... xoxo

  8. Oh dear, I am still just beyond the moon and trying to analyze the two sisters, and so far I have figured out they are drinking and smoking. ;) xo

  9. dearest, i have been away yet today marks my return. nothing could brighten my journey more than the gift of your light. i hope you will join me.


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