13 November 2014

this week....

what have i been up to?
the usual for me.
and reading
and thinking
and opening packages.

the nice thing about selling one's artwork...
is the vacuum it creates
allowing new art to fill the void.
9 x 12 acrylics on paper
'i will not be afraid"
20 x 10 acrylics and collage on wrapped canvas
there is some money to spend
on paints & brushes
and slippers.
and a magical necklace from an artist friend.
crystal dreams amulet by Mermaiden Creations
which looks so priti with my new cashmere sweater
($4) from the charity shop.
and books!
books for 50¢
Product DetailsProduct Details

these are the 2 i've red this week...both worth a read.
and then there are times when a book becomes a movie.
Product Detailsand often, the result is disappointing.
but in this case, the hbo mini-series was super entertaining, not better,
not worse than the movie...just different experiences
between reading and watching. my favorite actress is frances mcdormand...

also this week the postman brought me 2 packages that
came as a complete surprise!
one from my dear friend and confidant gemma
a vintage artist's box
and a painting from the artist herself!
the other from my ever-thoughtful sister
the most sumptuous bag in navy blue filled with treasures
and a book by jacqueline bouvier and her sister,
(i had no idea such a volume existed)
you may think me spoiled.
and you would be right, i am.
but i deserve it.
here is a drawing of mine from 1998
crayon and marker on newsprint
what a difference 16 years makes.
♥love to all♥
PS: here is the preview to olive kitteridge,
i hope you can find a way to see the film!


  1. Great to see your latest art and I like the new header too. I enjoyed the book so I'll try to watch the movie.


  2. I so enjoy visiting your blog house. <3 I don't always have the time to comment like I used to, but I love to visit and read. Such juicy inspiring work. I began a Frida painting this week and immediately thought of you. P.S. That necklace is AMAZING!

  3. Glad you had a beautiful birthday week. Loving your Bluebird collage/painting and all the texture on it. Also it's awesome that you got lots of great gifts and had time to read 2 books. Holy smokes! <3


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