24 December 2014

busy hands a wish and a video

getting a bit of help writing my blog this morning ☺
it's the very end of 2014 and
a good year it was.
it wasn't easy
but the good always manages to outshine
the hard times.

i have painted my way through it all
lots of familiar faces...
virgins and saints...
and sometimes...a different painting can come from a dream
and sometimes a friend
needs a painting of her kitty...
this is barney, the cat with only one tiny eye
and sometimes
it is nice to sit with a ball of yarn
you can make a hat
 {for the days when you have misplaced your brush}
and some finger-less gloves to match
if all else fails...
you can adopt a pair of kitties
you can make videos
and you can paint their portrait too.

i hope you find joy
in the rest of the year
with what ever you do
and that 
that joy is so big
it bursts
and spills all over 2015!

ps: here's another video...
if you like cats and art :)


  1. Merry Christmas dear friend. Hope next year brings you all you need and want in life and of course the most important thing HEALTH.:) love ya.

  2. "Pooh! Did you hear what I said? Two new kitties! What if they steal our dinner? What if we have to share our toys? Uh, Pooh! Don't you even care? They might have cooties! Will they have their own beds? What if Barney comes for a sleepover? It might get a little crowded in ours. Eeeeeek! Here comes one! Look, it's Gus. He kinda has sexy eyes. Boy Pooh, they will be in big trouble if our human catches them racing across her paint table!"

    Cute video Lisa Priti. What's the story on the broken ear? Have fun. Better you than me, I think! :)

  3. LOVE cats! LOVE art! Art heals. Enjoyed all of the videos you have posted lately Priti. Sending you a hug. Not one of those virtual hugs. This is a real big warm hug. The kind of hug that you know you've been hugged hugs! xo muah!

  4. Kitties, knitting and art. Does it get any better? Here's to a wonderful New Year!


  5. What wonderful additions to your family!! Gus and Frida are so cute and Pooh looks like he might even be accepting them. :)

    What a fun year you will have watching their antics.


  6. Wishing you a wonderfully creative year filled with joy! I adopted a rescue doggie called Simmie and my two cats Cleo and Isis are very cross with me! and they let me know every day. I am hoping they will melt soon. love to you Hettienne


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