12 February 2015


my desk
{transitive verb}
1: to separate or distinguish valuable from worthless parts.
<i need to winnow my desk to enable the chi to flow.>

i blame it all on the saints.
they are quite chaotic
and create madly
 then leave it all behind
and herd themselves together
in an organized dishevelment

14 have arrived so far...

{available in my shop}
that was january.
each one takes at least 5 hours to come to life.
and i was pretty proud of myself
and then i read my friend's blog...
she painted 17 works in 3 days!
1: not able to occur, exist, or be done.
<for me, that task is impossible inconceivable.>

let me ask you:
if i promise to be a better blogger,
will you sweet readers stay just as you are?

i tried facebook like they told me to...
and pinterest...but not twitter
(i haven't a phone)
those places are not for me.
mia had her 20th birthday
i like pictures with a story
and personality

and a message
everyone moves
much too quickly these days.
a blurb and go...
{at the store
i can't even cram my change back in my wallet
before they are ringing up the next in line.}
but  hurrier is not for me.
i don't live frantically.

i live slowly
and happily.
with love
thank you for visiting.


  1. I'm so much better when I go slow and live juicy! You are a wise woman.
    I adore the saints that have been marching in the world through you. Such rich spirits!
    Sending big big love your way!

  2. Love your saints, so colorful and full of life! One in particular caught my eye and he is sporting a white beard and holding a heart up to his chest. His eye! Such personality in those eyes, I feel as though he and I are having a little chuckle amongst ourselves. Just a bit of humor is detected, so subtle.

    You are so right, we are all in such a hurry (except maybe you). I hate hurrying. I'd much rather walk along side of you and live life slowly. Asher is about to turn 9 in March. He told me today, "I hate time! I wish time didn't exist." Old soul, that one.

    Enjoy your time as slowly as you want :)
    xx oo ~Jaime

  3. Stay just as you are, Lisa. I like stories with pictures and this is where I see the best of you. Just as my poems and haikus are showcased on my blog, your saints and sacred images from your inner light shine in their home here. I will be eliminating FB about 90% come Lent. For simplicity's sake, it may actually stay that way.

  4. I enjoy visiting you here. I enjoy your stories along with your art. I joined FB because some of my blogger friends migrated there but I much prefer to read blogs.

    Your many saints are beautiful. I don't think art is something that can or should be rushed. The serenity you present in your work fits your willingness to life life slowly.


  5. Yes, yes, yes you are back! I have missed you. Your blogs and your art are awesome and I relish coming here. To me, the "blog" is so much more personal and even spiritual. I dont think you need to winnow. The saints are used to the chaotic mess they cause you to create, and they are your muse. EVERY SINGLE ONE of them are absolutely wonderful. The truth of the words in your journal have made me stop and think. Let the hurriers go on by and stay Priti!

    Happy Birthday Mia. And your comment at my blog......LOL Soooooooooooooooooooo true!!! xoxo

  6. Bravo Lisa. Your saints are a remarkable accomplishment. Each blessed with the loving time and care you gave them and all reflections of you. xx Your photograph with light from the chandelier shining on your face and in the mirror is lovely. BTW Winnowing does not work. Desk fairies come in regularly and mess things up again. LOVE you and yours always.

  7. I missed you too, but you wouldn't have known as I haven't ever commented before...I realize that blogging should be more of a back and forth, so I say, glad to see/read you again! I love your new banner/header. I always adore your work...Be well, Carroll

  8. my dear lisa, i'm not a hurrier either, and facebook (twitter, instagram, pinterest, etc., etc.) are overwhelming to me. i feel like an avalanche is coming down on me when i'm at those places.

    i smiled all the way through this post, i really did...


  9. I'll always favor blogs over social media sites, so you can count on me reading your stories, and viewing your photos. :) LOVE your new saints.xo

  10. Hi Lisa. I missed you too. Such a wonderful post. Full of love and spirit. I'm happy that you are happy. ::hugs::

  11. Wonderful post and oh so WITTY : ... Adjective, characterized by quick and inventive humor... would adore seeing you pop up in my sidebar more often... lovely new saints, btw... well done, you... xoxo

  12. i am so with you on living slowly, happily and with love. i love your one eyed cat portrait; i should paint my little rattie, it shouldn't be that hard. i love popping by to see you and enjoyed these last posts with wooly hats mittens. sending love, as always


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