19 February 2015

what if i wrote pseudo-haiku?

under-painting on canvas paper
life got in the way of artwork this week
and this is as much as i painted
i think i kinda love her as she is.
for now.
still. she isn't enough.

i need a theme
a story
for my post.
what if'
i just walk around and think?
this is the favorite book of my girlhood.
i just unearthed it and plan on a re-read.
i remember writing a haiku each thursday evening
to participate in haiku my heart.
i find writing true haiku 
 too unforgiving.
what if i wrote it my way?
what if 
snapping photos of beautiful objects
satisfied my urge to create?
i live in a beauty-full home
bursting with glory.
finding vignettes 
is fun
and artful
a peek at our hall of crosses...always vigilant
to chance upon another.
what if i went outside?
and looked up?
i am a fan of mother nature
perhaps{i should admit}
i am a fair weather-fan.
it is incredibly cold here this week...
(less than 1 degree) 
and windy and snow-ish
and really
quite the opposite of fair.
and yet, unfair is not the right word either.

what if...
i wrote another haiku(ish) poem?
and then
what if i reminded you
to be on the look out 
for unexpected love?

it is really okay
to expect the unexpected
and totally cool
to search for happy surprises.
so many small miracles go unnoticed in this world.
may we all discover contentment.


  1. Inspirational images everywhere and I especially love the crosses, Lisa. I have a room I'm redoing and some crosses tucked away. Your wall has become my inspiration.

  2. Whatever you share is artful, creative and beautiful to visit !
    I love how you love life, Dear One.
    Happy Weekend! ❤️

  3. It is always a privilege to enter your world. I will be looking for the unexpected today.


  4. living a creative life is paying attention outside and inside, trusting intuition to guide expression… I LOVE this post!

  5. your wall of crosses is so satisfying to my soul! now I want to change the arrangement of mine. I love your last haiku the most- I'm sure pseudo or not- all will enjoy them as I have. I feel a warm welcoming from your home. stay safe and warm.

  6. Pseudo haiku is ok, any variation of syllables, or arrangement of crosses, or beautiful vignettes to express your heart is good. Love her as is as well. You rock Mrs. Priti.

  7. I saw some writing the other day "be prepared to be 'amazed', I am, I came here....x

  8. When I saw your link... I knew I was in for a treat, and yes, oh yes I am in love with your haiku and the beauty you have shared here Lisa! Thank you for that promise of the unexpected... I will keep it close to my heart all day and beyond... xoxoxo

  9. Love the freedom of your creativity and the what if ~ xo ~ Gorgeous post!

    Happy Weekend to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  10. I loved this post. I got interrupted by a phone call, so went back and started over. Loved it even more the second time. Everything you wrote, each picture you shared, came from your heart. So special. Did you know sometimes I come back and re-read...just because it makes me happy?

  11. Loved your post. Your girl is just wonderful the way she is..Have a great weekend and stay warm. Drink some wine.:)

  12. Lovely post, Lisa, for this dreary day. Love your lady and Haiku. I find beauty in nature, especially now with the dark tree branches against white clouds and snow (even if I hate winter). Stay warm and happy weekend!

  13. darling beautiful wonderful YOU!
    thank you for the gift of your delightful presence! oh.how.i.miss. YOU! having you reappear for haiku my heart is just as sweet as Spring chasing winter away!


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