15 March 2015

liminal space

all of my life 
i have felt myself on the brink.
somewhere betwixt & between 
who i am and who i AM
{do you know what i mean?}
i am not really this person i am pretending to be.
surely this isn't all there is to me.
i have so much more i can do.
with practice,
i can become she.
she, the one who paints significantly.
she who is adventurous.
she does not question, but trusts.
she, not the she on the perimeter, the other she.
you see,
i live in a liminal space
which could be dismal
if it were not for my hope-fullness.
my morning prayer before putting my feet on the floor
fills me with optimism.

but then
i look up and
 i see a plastic bag caught in the branches of the walnut tree.
and i think:
humanity is so careless and destructive
and selfish...
and yet
so full of potential too.
i think:
this teetering on the edge
is something we all do
can we embrace it all?
the chaos 
the serenity
the world is full of both
and perhaps
you cannot search for one
without finding the other.
whisper words of wisdom
let it be
come, holy spirit
"Confuse the sacred and the secular in your environment. Create a liminal, neither here nor there, milieu. It is always in the liminal places that significant things happen, so work at creating liminality." A Religion of One's Own, Thomas Moore 
and...just for fun...
frida on blue velvet
face towards the sun
very good advice frida
animals are so smart.


  1. I am one of the secular in your environment, and you have certainly confused me. In my mind, you are already that "she" that you seek. You seem to have found your niche with your Mary (and other saintly) paintings. I'm pretty sure it makes you happy to bring each one to life with your brush. And I have seen that each one is more artistically beautiful than the last. Each new work conveys a spirituality larger than the one before. Maybe you were born on an astrological cusp and it makes you uncertain (nope, not my beliefs), or maybe you are on the cusp of something exciting, like finding a new "she", although the current one is already awesome. I am envious of you and of your talents, of all the beautiful things you create, not just painting. Probably you covered that gorgeous blue kitty sofa too! Sigh........ xo

  2. Is luminal between 2 worlds? Both Wild and Sacred? Because it seems to me that you are in tune with both. Lucky for us who know and see and LOVE your words and work and you.


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