07 March 2015

maybe only an artist would understand...

this is an art adventure story.
{prepare yourself for the workings of my mind}
at the end of last year,
a cyber-friend messaged me.
she asked if i would be interested
in re-doing a box, a box that her sweetheart had kept his treasures in.
of course i was honored to be asked,
and YES! most definitely, i will! 
because you see:
she is a friend
with the kindest spirit
and her sadness, her resilience, 
and her radiance
all made me want to shine too.
and then the box arrived...early in december.
i was gobsmacked!
literally, i was taken aback, astounded, astonished and...
filled with apprehension,
i was afraid of it.
you see, i have mosaic-ed many boxes;
a generous bakers-dozen of boxes.
but none were this size, {massive}
this shape, this important...yikes!
so, i put it in the corner of my studio and painted 16 saints instead.
all the while, 
the box canister was taunting me.
i always say, "you cannot finish until you begin"
and so
i started sifting through my treasure trove,
in the garage, in the basement, in the art closet
every and all places inspiration could be found.
i found my left-over clay
and went shopping for more.
i sculpted and found the "new" clay was 
worse than my old stuff.
i cursed the craft store and their ancient crumbly clay!
i was frustrated.
and increasingly distracted.
nothing was working for this special box!
i made 3 artworks that were NOT the box.
{i'll share those in another post}
i was having nightmares about the box.
the box had become an albatross around my neck.

i stormed the house, the garage, the basement.
i joked about the albatross becoming a tourniquet.
a device for stopping the flow of blood through a vein or artery.
i fantasized a peaceful death for myself.

i took to my bed for a day of reading...
but i could hear the box taunting me.
then, as i was pawing through my studio
(freshly stock-piled with my findings)
i found this book.
and i began.

there. one side done.
but there are 3 other sides
and the lid!
to say the rest was easy...well, that is not true.
it was agonizing and painful.
much like birthing a child,
with the last push came enormous relief!
and pride.

and although i never knew him,
because to hold karen's heart he must have been.
my task is complete.
to karen with love
from me.


  1. What a beautiful labor of love! Brava, Artist Girl! Karen must be sooooo touched!

  2. BRAVO!!! on so many levels!!! This is stunning and emotional. I can totally understand and appreciate EVERYTHING you went through to do this. CONGRATULATIONS my dear. Now open the wine. I have a feeling there may be more of this coming your way. xoxoxo

  3. Lisa, I am in tears. I'm the one who is gobsmacked now at your story and the shear beauty of the box. Thank you my friend so, so much!

  4. I am truly gobsmacked by the beauty of this project and how truly you infused it's entire meaning on every surface. It was worth agonizing over because it came together in it's own time and space. I don't know her but I imagine this will be a priceless treasure.
    As are you!

  5. "You cannot finish until you begin." Best quote I've heard in awhile. This is stunning. All of your artistry, thoughtful love, and intentions have manifested. An amazing labor of LOVE and beauty.

  6. I understand the pain, the agony within, as the muse struggles to free itself while the object sits aside. Waiting. And one day, suddenly that albatross is free, the flood comes, and the mind is boggled with the strain of the ideas running through. The artist then cannot wait to finish one part in order to start another, before the idea goes away. No matter if it is a canvas, a box, a piece of wood, a wall, it must be done as the muse directs. And when it is done to your standards, that satisfaction and pride is the most awesome feeling. I get it, Ms. Priti. And the box is wonderful! xo

  7. The muse is on the loose....bump bump!

  8. A beautiful story and a beautiful box. Sometimes it takes some time to think and agonize for a great piece to be born.

  9. Breathtaking, beautiful, soulful. Both you and the magnificent box you created.


  10. what a wonderful box holding her heart and memories! truly a work of art.

  11. oh yes, an artist understands, i hate when they taunt me... but the artist always exacts sweet revenge... as you so handily did.. xoxox

  12. oh my GOODNESS (what everyone else said here and more) just OHMYGOODNESS XO


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