10 April 2015

a dozen pictures...

i have written this post so many times
{in my head}
but it felt too overly-expressive
too wordy
& so
only pictures
abrupt remarks made as an interruption or an aside
angela, nanette, lisa
my sisters and me
 sometimes the death of a father
will bring your mother back
and then 
you begin to look for the other missing pieces.
708 east broad street

the scent of water

we had each other
2 paintings of, about and for my sisters
who live so very far away.

i am inspired out-of-the-blue
friend dena russo
(her facebook profile picture)
 her beauty & the horror behind really moved me 
blinding ignorance does mislead us. O! wretched mortal, open your eyes!
~leonardo da vinci
easter-time was supreme
with hyacinths from my son
and roses from my daughter
new instruments with which to eat
and then
truly incredible
and then today...
a bird
 for a friend
i have painted this before
and i may do

did you know:
vincent painted his sunflowers
over a dozen different times
now that
is divine afflatus!


ps: click on the pictures


  1. Good evening, Lisa. What a treat to behold. Beauty, wistfulness, dark humor, and a new word - afflatus. Truly divine inspiration from within shining now outwardly.

  2. What fun I had just enjoying the pics, art, and words! I see a small canvas collage of yours each morning in my bedroom.

  3. Beautiful and sentimental paintings of you and your sisters. Often children don't understand the adult world.
    Good thing you were there for each other. I also had sisters. What a blessing.Was that your house on TMI?
    Love the other paintings here as well and it's a good thing you included definitions. HBC.
    I believe you are inspired my friend. With my love.

  4. There is something so tender about those sister paintings.


  5. Just getting back to blogging after the loss of my son, Charlie, 6 months ago. This post is what I needed. Just pictures of love an sentimentality. I'll be back Lisa..so glad you are still posting.
    Cheryl-healing woman

  6. Aww, my heart. I absolutely adore the painting of you and your sisters. I don't know if you recently lost your father, but I'm so sorry for your loss. xo

  7. WOW someone new, someone to relate to, someone special, someone that has so much to offer (and has/is) this world! DIVERSE in ART and LIFE! I am so happy you left your message on my blog...how in the heck have I missed you. and then I come here for the very first time, and there is this last comment...from my BFF KATIE...you also have good taste in company, tee hee. so happy to have found YOU and your beautiful beautiful work. i shall be popping in to peruse and be more enlightened and inspired. this sounds so over the top for me, right out of the gate...but life is short and you just received my honest efforts and feelings....SO LOVE how you think!

  8. Those cooling towers are very disturbing. I wish I had not seen them, even though I know they are everywhere. Your blog has too much beauty to have those monsters interfering.

    I think your sisters will love the paintings. They are so simple, yet full of nostalgia and sweeeeeet!

  9. I enjoyed this post Lisa. Excellent work as always. Sending you hugs and happiness. :)

  10. Such food for the soul and mind! Thank you Lisa xxxxxxxx

  11. (thank you. you are also) :)

  12. so enjoy reading your snippets of nostalgia and your way of carpe dieming! how lucky to have sisters, i only have one brother and always yearned for a large family. i will be painting again soon. promise!


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