30 June 2015

june...a white nightgown in the afternoon

in a perfect world, it would always be june and i would only wear white. 
these past 30 days have been so full.
all of it so fulfilling.
we decided on a name for mia's business within the business
click this picture to see more.
when you arrive, please click her 'like' button:)

i wish i had more pictures to share...it is such a pretty place.
i completed 4 paintings in june...
2 small
and 2 big
a mama and baby elephant
for mia's first apartment.
{a video on the process is at the end of this post}
this 6x6 for a friend
to the lighthouse
this passage continues to inspirit my secret-self
so much of my art comes from my love-affair with wordsmiths...
like this painting on a door:
self-portrait in acrylics
with words from an 18th century love letter 
this painting an anniversary gift {16 yrs}
i copied this letter into a card
so long ago...still brings back the same feelings.
the 4th painting is for another friend:

in boundless measure
acrylics&collage on wood

so, lots of time spent in my studio.
but also in the yard
rosary garden weeded & mulched...
waiting for summer flowers.
and in the kitchen
all organic ingredients:
new potatoes, zucchini, spring onion, parsley,
parmesan & eggs from un-caged hens
and washing dishes at the opened window
frida is bird-watching.
every tail twitch smells like basil ☺
sunning in the sun-room

it must seem as if i have only 1 child
and 1 cat
but i have 2 children 
and 3 cats...but
the girls are the sort that like me best.
acrylics in art journal 
so that was june
tomorrow begins a new page.
{i hope you enjoy the video}
love, lisa


  1. dearest lisa, i am so happy to see your post today. when it opened up it took my breath away..."it is june. a white nightgown in the afternoon" is so poetic, now I want to write a poem like that. have you already?? I've joined a poetry website......www.allpoetry.com ..... and today i posted that poem i wrote in your traveling journal... in the author's comment section i said it was written for priti.lisa and her traveling journal and i provided a link to your blog. i hope that's ok. if not, you must let me know so i can take it out. oh gosh, i really want to write about white nightgowns in the afternoon in june.....now see what you have done? I went to beautiful Mia's page but I cannot "like" because i dont belong to facebook, but just tell her the spa looks like a wonderful place. if i were there, i might have pretty nails. your paintings, as always, are wonderful. xo

  2. June is over but I still like the image of wearing my white nightgown all day. You've been so busy and so creative. July tomorrow. Getting up on the first day of the month always seems like getting up to open a little present to me.


  3. awesome post!!!
    Love the garden! and love your journal!
    You inspire!

  4. simply beautiful... all of it... and I would love to walk that sweet garden with you, dear heart.. xoxo

  5. Love this post of the month. I love how you are living this artist life so juicy and fulfilling. Your art is such a gift to the world.
    Happy to know you are surrounded by such good loving too !
    Love and light to you, dear Heart !

  6. What you have no paint on your white nightgown? HBC!
    Love you and yours, your art, and inspiration. xx

  7. That las picture of a page in the journal is perfect, the nightgown, the book, the cat. Everything. Commented and shared on FB. What a glorious prize.


  8. I just completely run out of words to say about your art, about you, it all begins to sound so generic to my ears. But that is the sign of a true artist isn't it? One who leaves you void of words, but fills you with raw emotion and one whose art just reaches inside and touches your Soul. I love this entire post and your video is so beautiful and touching, not to mention that I love elephants! You..❤️❤️❤️

  9. And now, a white nightgown is in the mail....uh well, email! Go see. :) And thank you for complimenting Padre Pia.

  10. ok, june is over, july is over, it is halfway thru august and you are not painting!! Surely the chores are done by now. I miss your art. Are you going to have privacy foliage on the other side of your rosary garden, and soft lights and vines over that entrance? It looks like a beautiful, peaceful place (just like it is) where one can escape from the world and just find some moments of prayer and solitude. . There are several little garden spots similar to this on a hospital grounds near here and I love the little angel statues on birdbaths and flowering plants and shade trees there.Peaceful. Hope you paint soon.


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