22 August 2015

my remedy

july was full
and yet;

it was a tough month for me
emotionally & physically.

july was...
painting a harlequin wall in the dining room 
cracked pepper &
churchhill hotel navajo white
{kept fresh in a gelato container}

painting the kitchen walls with the same white

and painting the yucky cupboards
in these shades of green & blue:
enchanted and vintage
            cleaning&clearing the insides
                   you need just a few dishes, vitamins, coffee and pirate booty

 july was
 broken dreams,
unfinished sorrows
& half-hearted beginnings.
and i know
physical & emotional health
are partners.
and that sometimes
people you love
say things
and do things
that wreck you.
you know?
i became unraveled.
does this ever happen to you?
i've been on this path before...
i know a remedy
for healing:

you have to pick your self up
do something about your hair
{thanks mia!}
and focus on color
{and name the colors}
you must buy wool
in these colors:
& tomato & basil
parmasan & crushed-pepper & olive-oil

and then make blankets.
 you must read poetry...
and you must go shopping for celery...
and come home with tiramisu gelato.

you must look
for brave flowers...
and you must launder
 old, {mostly}white nightgowns.
and buy new
 nightgowns in white.
you must do all of these things;
and soon,
you will be good as new.
i will be back
at the end of august...


  1. omigoodness, Lisa. i read this just in time. after the emotional morning i have had, this will be a perfect model for resolution. love the new do and the kitchen looks scrumptious. it will surely become your happy place.

  2. Not a single one of these actions is out of place,,,I do hope they quelled the blues and healed some of the hurt. Blessings from Vermont! Carroll

  3. Nice recovery from unraveled to completely put together Priti. YES You do have a good remedy for healing.
    A great haircut always works. Then after all that making and doing bliss,you are good as new.
    Sending my love to you beautiful friend. xx

  4. Where do you buy your white nightgowns...I love them.

  5. Ah my sweet friend, I know exactly what you mean & I love your suggestions for healing :-)! I also love the idea of a harlequin wall & the photo of you in front of it is great! Another bit of healing, I find, comes from the blessing of friendship. Know that I'm there for you & always sending you healing, positive love filled hugs. Wish I was a bit closer so we could have a giggle whilst sharing that ice-cream & making a collaborative mess with paint & glue :-) But even without that, hopefully the art filled connection we share helps you as much as it helps me. Hugs, KatXx

  6. What ever your broken dreams were/are I know you have the remedy and fortitude to bounce back and be YOU. And to finish this post with such an awesome, beautiful, magazine worthy photo of you just brings it all together. Here, for you, is the biggest hug cyberspace will allow ((((((Priti))))))) !

  7. I had to sign in so not sure if my first post took or not, but it is all summed up in these short but heart felt words... I MISS YOU!
    Life is a butt kicker sometimes, but it can't keep a good girl down. I am strong and I hate it. Sometimes, I just have to sit back, disconnect until I wonder why I am still sitting there! It's good to take a Breath between fights! Fighters don't give up. You got whatever is going on.... I've seen your CAPE, it says "Winner" :)
    Love you Priti... see you soon!!!

  8. I just found you and I love your art and your posting. All those things you listed seem like a self care list. Those things that can bring you back to yourself, back to wholeness. Thanks so much for sharing. So glad to meet you.


  9. dearest friend. i have been so slow of late and just ran into your beautiful comment on my blog. thank you for that, i try try try very hard not to linger too much on the negative, but this blow was multi-faceted since the family behaved horribly towards me and left me almost homeless. i doo all the things you mention in this post except paint the ugly cabinets but will return to jot down those blue and green colors for when the time comes. i can only imagine youe mother's anguish, up and down. the sing by frank really uplifted me today, thank you again for your kindness.


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