04 October 2015

there is something in october...

it's october
and so here are my photos from september.
lots of crocheting,
4 blankets of wool.

3 walls of black happened too...
to harmonize with the harlequin pattern i painted in july
and then...
54 x 18" collage on wood with objects & words
 some of my own artwork
 assembled with the ancient's and the master's 
 with some quips, quotes and prayers tucked in too
and hearts&hands&halos
then i wondered
shall i paint again?
{it has been more than 3 months}
maybe, just maybe
if i begin with a familiar face
paint her 3 times quickly! don't think!
a painting that's been living in my head...
"the saint with no name"
for more photos & info click:
thank you.
signed with love from lisa


  1. Love you and your heart filled art.
    Happy October, Beautiful! May it be cozy and creative!

  2. So long since i have stopped by, and i am feeling full up after visiting... Loving your wonderful colors of wool that turned into three lovely blankets, love that virginia wolf quote and that painted door, mia is so beautiful and i wish her such good luck in the new spot. You have made me want to go out and buy a white nightgown, i don't think i have ever owned one, and seeing your clothesline of white just made me want it more. I watched you paint a wonderful commision of the angels and am about to go back and watch the elephant, which i can tell i will love as well. Hope whatever made you sad last month has resolved itself , and if i should know but missed why, then i apologize for being slow to catch on. Take care of yourself until next time.....

  3. So glad to see you back to blogging. September was a rough month - I need, yes NEED to see your heartfelt art. Those blankets are lovely and just shout the word comfort.


  4. ah, bella, such gorgeosity here, love your work so much... and that striped blanket in the room, killer! xox

  5. Lisagirl, I am awed by that collage work. It is simply beautiful. Beautiful isn't descriptive enough. And I am not even religious, but it brings out something spiritual in me just looking at the way you have put it together. It belongs in a church so that many with spiritual hearts can see it and love it and become one with it. And your Saint with no name, such a longing look in his/her eyes. Like a soul that tries to love the entire world. Don't ever stop painting and putting together your art because the world needs you. :)

  6. Oh how I love the references of "wretched mortals", "strange enchanted boy," other words, the lessons, learned and not, your own art mixed with the masters. Amazing. Your painting, the blankets and everything else is gorgeous too. I adore you miss Priti. xx
    muah xx

  7. I'm so happy to see you painting again sweet Lisa. I love the face with the black background. Something about her eyes, so soft and loving. I love your black walls, they look just great with the very cool harlequin patterned wall! You're such a talent. Swoon... that blanket on the chair! Be well! <3 U

  8. i can't believe how multi talented you are and how you persevere. it would take me a year to finish a blanket.

  9. THANK YOU GOOD WOMAN for your special words on my blog. They go deeper than you know. I left you a little messg. on a more recent addition. Your collages are so wonderful, your blankets so BEAUTIFUL, (I knit and crochet as well, there just ain't nothin' that can ever stop me;) and I LOVE LOVE your saint with no name and that idea as well. You are the real deal and am so happy to have found you along the way. CREATE ON GIRL,,,oooxxx

  10. I so envy you that you can create such beautiful handwoven blankets! You are a multi-talent sweetest soul.
    I adore you sweet art sister and that Saint with no name!!

  11. hi Lisa. Just popped in to say hello and wishing you well. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I'm not posting too much now but I do some Instagram, uploading but that's about it. Congrats to Mia in getting her license. I hope the world is treating you grand as the grand lady you are. Take care.

  12. my darling, i cannot believe it has been one year since we all gathered to share our mary love. welcome december-and an invitation to share the light of twelve days of mary! i would love to walk these days beside you. xo


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