15 December 2015

2015 finis part I

i've been playing with angels & saints & spiritus
sancta maria
patron saint of dancers

st. mary magdalene
i've been playing with yarn & wool
making hats & blankets & shawls

i've been doing all manner of things...
making flowers & hearts...buying old books
{so mischievous am i}
certainly time could be better spent
by snuggling a kitty
{or sweeping together dust bunnies}
i am naughty.
when i am not being watched i will
paint on rusty things like paint cans
& soup lids
 then i hang them on the tree
{with wicked glee}
 oh lisa! are there not more important things to do?
{yes...i have projects for friends & a commission to do}
but i am so wicked
i make their things rusty too!

NO lisa! not the commission!
surely not a rusty grimy wedding portrait
{no....i haven't worked on that yet}
but i have an excuse
{as all horrid people do}
priti studio has closed and is now a guest room

 {it was so messy it took me days to achieve}
really...the place was a jumbled dump
the new priti studio is down the hall
in need of electric light
opening soon...
happy yuletide to all
{click photos for detail☺}
mama & me


  1. Oh my! You are so horrid and wicked. How I love horrid, wicked artists! ;)

  2. Supremely naughty. I expect you enjoyed every minute of it too. Hope we get to see the inside of the new studio soon - maybe when it has a light. Happy Holidays to you and your family and friends my dear one.

  3. It is always a most wise idea to concentrate on ones passion over the doldrums of mundane tasks like dust bunnies and the like. The fruits of your labors are beautiful as always. I wish you glad tidings dear Lisa and dream that of one day being a guest in that newly appointed room!!

  4. what a beautiful and sweet post... an swooning over paint on rusty tine... xoxo

  5. Not naughty just arting your heart out! So many beautiful saints, Angels and cozy bits!
    Wishing you a beautiful and peaceful holiday, Lovely Lisa! ❤️

  6. Oh, what fun you've been having. You make my fingers itch to start crocheting again.

  7. Love you so, and all of the passion you put inside stitches, brush strokes, renovating, and everything that you do. You are amazing! Rusted patina on bits and your tree are the bomb. xx

  8. Hi! I've saw your works for the first time but I'm totally in love with your art. I showed it to my co-worker at paperwriting.xyz and she said that it is really beautiful. As for me I do really like your unique style but most of all I liked the palette of colors ou use. Looks so amazing! Best wishes to you!

  9. love visiting and what a delight to see a ohoto of you and your mum


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