05 January 2016

2015 finis part II

yes, a fresh new year and we are like
newborns, innocent to whatever may come.
reflecting on 2015, 
i decided i wasn't quite as awful as i often felt i was.
sure, i was always behind,
but i did finish what i set out to do...mostly.
here is my final painting of the year past.
acrylics on canvas 30 x 40 inches 
a still life.

i believe each painting is a self portrait of the artist.
in mine there is a ruggedness.
 there are secrets
that will only be exposed by scrutinizing. 
there are scars 
and shadows
that say:
i am real!
and you may never know what is under the black paint.
but it is part of the art now.
part of the mystery. 

they say:
the only time is now!
live without regret!
for me, that feels false.
i have a past.
i have regrets.
it is my mission to make them both worthwhile.
to make everything beautiful.


  1. I wish you and me a wonderful New Year with all the new days filled with all the possibilities...and PEACE...Carroll in Vermont

  2. Beautiful Lisa! (loved your card too) Thankyou!

  3. Like Elise de Wolfe, you also make everything around you beautiful. Your home, your art, your friends and family, and even your blog visitors feel more beautiful for being here in your light. :)

  4. live your thought process and love that painted rock.

  5. Catching up. I love the beauty and the honesty of this post.


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