12 February 2016

happenings...& videos

what do i do with all of my time?
sometimes crochet 
{hats blankets shawls sweaters socks}

and then sit bundled in them
and drink wine by the fireplace of course.
sometimes paint
{walls murals claytiles oldpaintings tinycanvases commissions} 

 this is the most wonder-full thing...
i painted mia....mia painted herself

in between all of that nonsense
there is youtube.
 makevideos watchvideos
here are 2 such videos
the first is mine
and the second is mia's
{mia is truly astounding}


  1. Time well spent. Wonderful work, the mural/wall painting is beautiful. Off to check the two vidios

  2. All of it stunning, beautiful, passionate. St Francis, has always been a favorite of mine. Painted and paintings of Mia as gorgeous as she is in real life. Bravo to both of you. LOVE LOVE LOVE

  3. Your St. Francis is magnificent, Lisa!

  4. Waving as I fly by. Be back tomorrow to check it all out more thoroughly. I love to linger here when I can.

  5. I'm back to watch videos. I am always amazed at your process. Each painting, although at a certain point I am sure is finished, progresses in an ever changing manner until the final stroke makes it more perfect than I could have imagined. Awesome painter you are. Beautiful daughter you have. That painting of the lady in the flowered apron is my fav. I dont see it in your shop. Dont ever stop painting Ms. Priti. The world needs your art.

  6. had been wanting to read your latest posts for the longest time but between not feeling too well for 2 months and my move back from mexico, scarce time. as always, i was right to stop by. love the photo of you all wrapped up and the video is fabulous. yes, the background red made st. francis stand out. was that sigur ross music in the background?


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